We are very pleased that your family has decided to become a part of our troop, and although we are focused on providing your Scout the best possible opportunity for Character Development, Citizenship, and Personal Fitness; it is a family commitment from all of us to make that happen.

Parent Handbook

Everything you need to know about being a part of Troop 1988 can be found in our Parent Handbook, or on the sections of this website.

BSA Links

To help us provide a great experience for your Scout, and to keep them safe while doing so, there are some forms and other paperwork that we need to have.

  • Medical Forms (must be updated annually)
    • The Annual Health and Medical Record form (Parts A&B) must be filled out and turned in to the Troop leadership to participate in any troop activities.  This form only requires parents’ signatures.
    • The Annual Health and Medical Record form (Parts A,B, & C) are required for the Scout to attend Summer Camp.  This form must be completed by a Physician.
    • The Annual Health and Medical Record form and other risk disclosures are required for the Scout to participate in a High Adventure Camp activity.  These forms are specific to the type of activity.  This form must be completed by a Physician.
  • Activity Consent
    • The Activity Consent form is required for each Scout, for each campout or adventure activity that they participate in.
  • Event Planning
    • A checklist for all the tasks involved in planning a BSA event such as a campout.
    • Tour permits are no longer required.
  • Incident Reports
    • The Incident Report form is used to report all injuries, illnesses, and incidents during Scouting activities or on council-owned properties that require the intervention of a medical provider beyond basic Scout-rendered first aid.


Merit Badge Counselor Form

Use this form to register as a merit badge counselor. Note – you must print this two page PDF file on two sides of a single sheet of paper.

Scouter Training

A summary of the kinds of training available to you as an adult leader or volunteer for Boy Scouting.

Troop Survey

This survey should be filled out by the parent or guardian of every scout that joins the troop.  This helps the troop know the resources available to us through our Scout families. It also helps us to identify ways you can help the troop that match your skills and interests.

Vehicle Info

Before you drive for a troop event, we need this form completed.

Camp Financial Aid

The Troop has a limited amount of funds to help scouts who could not otherwise attend Summer Camp. Learn about how to qualify here

Web Site Policy

The troop policy for information and photos published on this web site.