Parents, we encourage you to submit your application along with your scout. Our Troop would like at least one parent or guardian to be registered and active in the Troop. All of the adults who participate in the Troop are busy with their jobs, families, churches, clubs and other activities, but the Troop cannot function without active adult input from all families.

We believe that your son will get out of scouting as much as you are willing to put into the program – a few hours is a small investment in your son’s future. Please discuss with the Committee Chair or Scoutmaster what talents you have that can assist the Troop. Even if you can only drive on campouts or do some paperwork, that may be enough. We don’t expect you to devote all your waking hours to the Troop, but we do ask that you assist where you can. All of the adult leaders are volunteers; we don’t get paid for providing your son with a great scouting program – all we ask is a little help from you.