Downloadable List.



  • __ Hat (knit cap or baseball cap or other style, depending on weather)
  • __ Troop T-Shirt (required unless Scout is wearing Troop hat)
  • __ Pants or Shorts (depending on temperature)
  • __ Boots or sturdy shoes (no open-toed shoes or flip flops)
  • __ Additional layers, as needed depending on weather. (Fleece, wool and nylon are better than cotton)

Worn, Carried or Packed where you can get it quick:

  • __ Poncho (Rain jacket and pants are acceptable, but not as good as a poncho)

Packed in Pack or Duffle – Each item of clothing should be packed in a plastic bag to keep it clean and dry

  • __ Knit Cap (even in warm weather, in case weather turns cold)
  • __ 2-3 extra upper body layers (to add on top of other clothing if the weather turns cold or to replace clothing that gets wet. Fleece, wool and nylon are better than cotton. Various layers should be sized so they can be worn together.)
  • __ Spare pair of shorts or pants, depending on temperature
  • __ Long pants (if wearing shorts, bring long pants in case weather turns cold)
  • __ 2 pair extra underwear
  • __ 2 pair extra socks (or 4 extra pair, if wearing two pair of socks at a time)
  • __ 2 spare t-shirts or other base layers (the layer worn next to your skin)
  • __ Long underwear (for colder weather trips)
  • __ Gloves or Mittens (for colder weather trips)
  • __ Spare shoes (in case primary pair gets wet)


In Pockets or otherwise carried on person:

  • __ Knife (for those who have earned Totin’ Chip)
  • __ Whistle

Carried in pocket or packed at top of pack or duffle:

  • __ Flashlight

Packed in Pack or Duffle

  • __ Extra batteries for flashlight
  • __ Cord (2 x 10-foot long lengths of cord is enough)
  • __ Cup, bowl, plate and utensils (mess kit sets with little pots and pans are not recommended)
  • __ Water bottle or Canteen (full)
  • __ Personal First Aid Kit
  • __ Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • __ Comb, brush, soap, small towel
  • __ Toilet paper (small roll in plastic bag)
  • __ Scout Handbook (in cover or in plastic bag)
  • __ Pen or Pencil and Small Notebook (in plastic bag)
  • __ Insect repellant (in warm weather)
  • __ Suncreen (in warm weather)
  • __ Compass (if you own one)

Packed in Pack or Duffel or carried separately:

  • __ Sleeping bag (in stuff sack lined with plastic bag)
  • __ Sleeping pad (in plastic bag)
  • __ Ground cloth (or 3′ by 6′ piece of plastic)

Prohibited items:

  • Electric or Electronic games, music players or other devices. (Cell phones and other communications devices may be brought but must stored away and be OFF for the entire trip)