We try hard to keep the cost of Scouting reasonable, but some costs cannot be avoided.  The yearly registration fee registers your son, pays for Boy’s Life magazine (optional) and supplementary accident insurance.

Scouts who owe money may not be able to receive advancement or take part in activities until obligations are paid.  A Scout is Thrifty. However, the troop policy is that no boy should miss out on scouting for financial reasons.  If the costs of Scouting present problems, please discuss it with a leader in private.

Scout Accounts

When a scout participates in the Troop fundraisers a portion of the money he earns goes to his ‘scout account’.  These funds can be used to pay for monthly trips, towards paying for summer camp or to buy camping equipment.  If a scout wants to pay for a trip using his scout account he should ask the Scribe for a blank ‘check’.  He can fill it in and hand it in with his permission slip.  The Troop treasurer will then take the funds from his account.

If your scout wants to pay for some camping equipment using his scout account he should submit the receipt to the treasurer who will then reimburse him.