webleftTroop 1988 stays active with a variety of exciting events.  Each month our youth leaders (Patrol Leaders’ Council or PLC) meet with the Scoutmaster to plan interesting and fun activities, service opportunities, and fundraising events. These include:

Troop Campouts (about once a month)

A week of Summer Camp

Scouting for Food (November or February)

Montgomery Village Flea Market/Hot Dog Stand (May)

Montgomery Village July 4th Parade

Wreath Sales (Oct/Nov)

A summer High Adventure activity (for older scouts every 2 or 3 years)

See http://www.bsatroop1988.org for more details.

The troop’s monthly campouts are chosen by the scouts each spring for the following year.  The scouts vote for their top choices from a list of possible trips.  Some popular trips are chosen every year!