For scouts who would not otherwise be able to participate in Summer Camp, Troop 1988 has a limited amount of funds available to help with expenses. This program works in conjunction with the NCAC program that also has a program that will pay up to half of summer camp costs. Families are asked to apply for both programs at the same time. Here is the procedure-

  1. Obtain a copy of the NCAC form here
  2. Fill out and turn in 2 copies of the form to the Troop 1988 Committee Chairman by April 1.
  3. The executive committee will make a decision on how much the Troop will contribute towards the scout’s expenses (See criteria listed below) and notify the family. The family will decide at this point if they want to continue in the process.* The Executive Committee consists of the Committee Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
  4. The troop will submit one copy of the application along with a check for scout to Council by April 15. (Funds in advance are required by Council rules)
  5. When the council notifies the troop and family of their contribution, the family will be responsible to reimburse the Troop the difference between the two scholarship amounts and the total camp costs.

*The family must decide at this point, because Council requires that funds be submitted prior to Council making a scholarship decision. Since Council will not refund these funds even if the scholarship is denied, proceeding beyond this point involves a possible financial commitment. The troop strongly disagrees with this Council policy but cannot do anything about it.

The executive committee will decide on the Troop 1988 portion based on the following criteria-

  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Participation of the scout in that year’s fundraisers
  • Number of scouts applying for the program
  • Scout’s participation in Troop activities throughout the year