Although a boy led organization, there are many tasks in the troop that require adult volunteers. We are blessed in Troop 1988 with many adult volunteers who spend a great deal of time and energy to ensure that our Scouts have the best possible scouting experience, but there are several additional roles that need to be filled.

It is the expectation of Troop 1988 that every family volunteer for at least one adult responsibility or activity.

We have jobs available to meet anyone’s schedule, from jobs that require a small time commitment each month for the entire year through jobs that required a more focused effort for a shorter period of time. A small sample includes-

Providing adult leadership troop on campouts

The troop has at least one campout or activity every month. Having sufficient adult chaperones is a constant challenge. Coming along on a couple camping trips is a great way to provide volunteer service while having fun with the Scouts. This task involves significant time on 2 to 3 weekends but no other commitment.

Assistant coordinator of Wreath Sales

Wreath sales are a major funding source for the troop. Each year the wreath coordinator works with the Scouts and families to gather the orders, order the wreaths, distribute the wreaths and collect the funds. This role assists the current wreath coordinator and learns the process. This task involves moderate amounts of effort limited generally to the month of November.

Roundtable representative

Each month the Seneca district holds a meeting called Roundtable where they distribute information about administration and activities. Each troop should have a representative attend these meetings and report back to the Troop. This task would be a small (1 1/2 hour) commitment each month to attend Roundtable, and a written or oral report to the monthly committee meeting.

Food Drive coordinator

Each year the Troop holds a food drive to support a local food bank. Coordinating the drive involves acquiring supplies (bags), planning the neighborhoods to canvas, coordinating the actions of the scouts and ensuring the food is delivered. The task is limited to a several period prior to the drive.

The Scoutmaster or Committee Chairman would be glad to help match you to a job that suits your skills and availability.