The Boy Scout Handbook

Every Scout is required to have a copy of The Official Boy Scout Handbook.  As your son advances in rank, Scout Leaders will date and sign off the completion of each requirement in the handbook.  It will become a valuable record of your son’s achievements.  He must have this record with him when he appears before a Board of Review for rank advancement.  The Troop recommends that the Scout’s name be written on the side (white page edges) in black marker so that it can be readily identified.  Since this book will be taken on camping trips it is also a good idea to purchase a durable cover or to keep the book in a Ziploc bag. Covers are available for purchase at the NCAC Scout shop. Some parents also periodically copy completed pages of the book in case it is lost.


There are several items that your scout should bring to each Troop and Patrol meeting: his Boy Scout Handbook, a folder for permission slips, a notebook and a pencil.  In order to help keep these items safe we recommend that he have   a small backpack in which to store these items.   Please encourage your son to bring these items to troop meetings and activities each week and to always return his handbook to his pack so he doesn’t lose it.

Camping Equipment

Camping is a key part of a Scout troop (it’s the OUTING in Scouting), and some simple equipment is needed to be comfortable and enjoy the experience. A sleeping bag, plate and eating utensils, rain gear and a flashlight are the key items needed for the first campout.  A full list of camping equipment is in our troop website.  Pocket knives may be carried after the Totin’ Chip card is earned.  Lockback and sheath knives are not allowed for safety reasons. The Scout Handbook is a good source for additional information on what to pack.

Before buying expensive items like sleeping bags, boots and backpacks, we strongly suggest you use suitable family gear or borrow for the first few trips. This lets you see what is needed, what others use, research purchases, and take advantage of sales. Troop 1988’s leaders have camped for years, and can suggest money-saving substitutes, or recommend good quality equipment that will survive the rigors of Scout camping. Group items such as tents, lanterns, stoves, and cooking equipment are furnished by the troop.

Reminder: Label Everything!

Scouts, please label all of your belongings.  Many boys have identical items, particularly troop shirts, ponchos, neckerchiefs and these items are frequently misplaced on camping trips and at meetings!

Tip: silver sharpies work very well on dark items!