Holiday Wreaths and Centerpieces

wreathTroop 1988 sells holiday wreaths and centerpieces as its annual fundraiser. The wreaths are handmade with fresh Minnesota Balsam Fir and decorated with white-tipped pinecones, bells, and gold-backed red velvet bows. Each centerpiece features a cinnamon scented candle in a beautiful glass tumbler centered in a bed of fresh, mixed evergreens, and is laced with natural pine cones, eucalyptus sprigs and accented with fragrant cinnamon quills.

This sale is the ONLY fundraiser sponsored by the troop and the profits are used to offset the purchase of equipment and supplies, underwrite the cost of some trips, and offer camping scholarships. The boys also benefit directly from this fundraiser. For each item he sells, a boy will receive $3.00, which is deposited in a troop account to be drawn on for his scouting needs, such as summer camp fees or personal camping equipment.

How does this work? By the beginning of November, each boy decides how many of each product type he will be able to sell. It is his responsibility to sell what he orders, or to make arrangements to transfer any unsold items to another boy who has a waiting customer. The ordered wreaths and centerpieces are picked up for delivery to customers on the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Based upon the price and the quality comparisons with nurseries or local retailers, these products practically sell themselves. Participation in this fundraiser is needed from and expected of every scout … without it, troop registration fees and monthly camping fees would have to be increased. So Troop 1988 … let’s get out there and sell, sell, sell!!!