Every Scout deserves a trained leader.

Youth Protection Training

The Boy Scouts of America requires that adult leaders (Scoutmasters, Committee Members, and Merit Badge Counselors) take Youth Protection training within the first 90 days of becoming an adult leader and the training MUST be renewed every two (2) years.  Further, BSA Youth Protection Training is now required for at least one adult present during any event or activity needing a local or national tour permit.  The troop encourages all parents and adults who work with the Troop to take the Youth Protection training.  The safety of our scouts is our top priority.

Position Specific Training


You are a new parent to our Troop, we all were once.  Because of this, the Boy Scouts of America has developed an extensive network of mentoring, on-line and in-person training, and even camp-away training courses.

Unit Commissioners and experienced Adult leaders serve as mentors for new leaders, answering their questions, and helping them to do the best job they can.

Whether you are a Scoutmaster or a Committee Member, On-Line training to help you understand the role of your position and how to do it is available at my.scouting.org.  These courses are ideal for letting you learn at your own pace and schedule.

The National Capital Area Council and the Seneca District provide many in-person training opportunities for those who just learn better when they can ask questions of experienced trainers.

The Boy Scouts also offer detailed, intensive training courses including Woodbadge and Powder horn.  These courses, in addition to helping you better serve your leadership role, can also help you with managerial and leadership training that can serve your career.