Every ounce counts!  Choose items with this in mind and load your pack carefully.  Your Boy Scout Handbook also has many useful tips and pointers.

The following equipment is essential for a Scout’s successful backpacking adventure.

  • Backpack with an internal or external frame and a padded hip-belt.
  • Sleeping Bag enclosed in a large plastic bag, inside a cloth stuff bag.  If carried outside your backpack, straps necessary to attach it to your pack.  A mummy style bag is preferable to the rectangular car camping style.
  • Ground cloth, light but waterproof.
  • Sleeping pad, a closed cell foam pad.  3/4 length is ok.
  • Boots or sturdy broken-in hiking shoes (large enough for two pairs of socks).  Soles should protect from rocks and support additional weight of carrying pack and gear.
  • Socks in sets. (1 thin pair, 1 thick pair).
  • Extra Clothing which can be worn in layers. Jeans are heavy and chafe when wet; wind-pants, fleece, and other fabrics which dry quickly and can be layered are better.
  • Wool hat, light gloves, scarf.  Additional warmth for little weight.
  • Nylon rope, or parachute cord, is good for tying things to your pack.
  • Matches in a water tight container.
  • Bandannas for wiping things, etc.
  • Moleskin or molefoam or second skin for blisters.
  • Rain Gear. Poncho and/or jacket and rain pants.
  • Small washcloth and towel, soap, toilet articles.
  • Water bottle or canteen (at least 1 qt.)
  • Rain protection for your pack.  (even a sturdy plastic bag).
  • Plastic Bags of various sizes including zip locks for garbage and snacks.
  • Pocket Knife.
  • Eating Utensils.  Sturdy, large,lightweight cup, and spoon, small bowl or plate.
  • Small Flashlight.  AA cell size is probably best, extra batteries.
  • Trail Snacks.
  • Optional.  Small camera, small game, paper, and pencil.

Other gear, such as a tent, backpacking stove, cooking gear, food, tarp and first aid kit will be added to the equipment listed above.

If you do not have have some of the necessary equipment, it may be possible to borrow it from leaders or other members of the troop.