The Snow Owl Award

snow owl awardThe Snow Owl Award (signified by the patch on the right) is presented to those scouts and adults who have demonstrated that they possess the knowledge and skills to safely camp in cold weather. This B.S.A.-recognized award is exclusive to Troop 1988, meaning that it is not offered by any other scouting unit. The Snow Owl emblem appears on our troop t-shirts, and we are very proud of the Snow Owl program.

A candidate for this award must attend training classes and then pass a winter camper qualification test. Topics covered by the training include cold weather clothing, survival skills, hypothermia, fire building, sleeping gear, emergency shelter, nutrition and first aid. Those who pass the test then must attend a winter camping weekend hopefully, where there is snow!). There, the candidates map the camping area, sleep and cook their meals outdoors, and make a pair of snowshoes, using mostly materials found around the campsite.

To earn the Snow Owl Award, a boy must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a First Class Scout and demonstrate skills through participation in warm weather hiking and camping.
  2. Attend troop and patrol meetings as regularly as possible.
  3. Develop a notebook on winter camping and survival skills.
  4. Be alert to articles in popular magazines on winter camping and winter activities. Share these with the troop.
  5. Take troop provided training on winter camping and survival skills.
  6. Prepare a personal survival kit and present it during Snow Owl training.
  7. Pass the pre-winter campout test given on knowledge and skills developed in troop activities.
  8. Camp overnight in a tent, emergency shelter, or under the stars with temperatures below 0 degrees C (freezing).
  9. Prepare appropriate meals, cook them, and eat them outside during the cold weather weekend campout.
  10. Maintain good health and safety standards during the winter campout.